Portland, OR

About Me


Hi! I’m SaraSarahPease2014-70-X2_Fotor2h Sabby. I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher specializing in Myofascial Release and Energy Healing. I opened Monarch Healing Arts in March 2010 after working in high-end spas in the Chicagoland area. My vision was to be able to offer my clients a customized session based on all the techniques I’ve studied without having to separate each modality. Now I live in Portland, OR and travel back and forth from Oregon to Illinois to facilitate classes and wellness sessions.

The human body is not linear. Most therapies separate the mind-body resulting in only temporary results. My sessions honor the connection of the mind and body and help to facilitate this healing process in a safe and comfortable space free of judgement.

As a child, my family and I always exchanged shoulder and foot massages. My grandpa massaged my back as I sat on his loving lap. The favor and love was returned as I massaged my mother’s achey feet and my sister’s neck and shoulders. Silent expressions of love showed how touch is so important for connection and healing. I was also very in tune with energy being able to sense where to massage a person just by looking at them or placing my hands on them.

I was always told that my hands were gifted and that I would work with them. For many years I utilized those gifts by playing the piano and violin, mostly classical music, but I had an ear for picking a song off the radio and plucking it out to perfection. I now uses my hands for healing through touch in the form of Energy Work and Massage Therapy.

My sessions are an intuitive balance of techniques (Myofascial Release, Energy Healing, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Crystal Therapy, Massage, Spiritual Guidance, and other intuitive therapies) that leave my clients feeling relaxed, tranquil, and pain free. Each session is approached with the intention of addressing the individual needs of each client with techniques that best suit their body. The way I connect with my clients makes them feel at home and comfortable, and they leave knowing that their well-being truly matters.

In 2000, I enrolled in massage school at Redfern Training Systems in Darien, IL. Originally wanting to take just one class to learn how to massage my friends better, I fell in love with the idea of knowing that I could help so many others on their path to well-being. And that was the beginning of a life long healing journey! I have a laser like focus when taking classes, wanting to master something after I’ve started. And my lucky clients get to reap the benefits of my undying thirst for knowledge and healing.

Professional Facts:
• Licensed Massage Therapist in Oregon, Illinois, and Wisconsin
• Reiki Master Teacher. Learn more about classes here.
• Shamanic Energy Practitioner
• Hundreds of Continuing Education hours including but not limited to Myofascial Release, Reiki, Thai Massage, Shamanism, Awareness Practices, and Energy Healing.

Fun Personal Facts:
• Favorite holiday is Halloween
• Enjoy dancing, comedy, and live music
• Love cooking, eating healthy and exercising
• Love warm weather, sunshine, oceans and mountains


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