Portland, OR

Sessions with Sarah


The human body is not linear. sarah-photoHealing is more than just physical/structural.  In order to truly heal we must look at the mind-body complex and treat the whole person.  Many therapies separate each part of the mind-body only to achieve temporary results.  My sessions honor the connection of the mind and body and help to facilitate this healing process in a safe and comfortable space free of judgement.

Depending on your specific goals, your session will be customized to bring healing for your highest good and greatest joy and may include a unique blend of Myofascial Release, Shamanic Energy Medicine (the oldest known healing method dating back thousands of years), Reiki, chakra balancing, spiritual guidance, crystal therapy, and other massage techniques or intuitive therapies.

You are invited to become an active participant in your own healing and will be provided with tools for personal growth to continue the healing process at home.

“Why do I need energy healing along with bodywork?” When trauma (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) happens in our life, it can create an imprint in our energetic field which if left there can turn into disease and disfunction in the body. Sometimes you will have a physical pain in your body, but the healing may need to occur on a different level (emotional, spiritual, mental) before healing can take place physically. This is why energy healing can be so powerful and empowering. Once the imprints are erased, balance is restored and we can let go of negative patterns, emotions, and behaviors.


Having a session can help:

  • reduce chronic pain
  • increase mobility
  • release fear, anger, hatred, shame, guilt, and envy
  • cut ties that bind us to others so we may be who we are truly meant to be
  • cleanse and balance the chakras
  • help you feel whole again
  • relieve stress and hyper-activity
  • help speed the recovery process from illness and surgery
  • create deep relaxation
  • increase your energy to become happy and healthy
  • bring joy, love, peace, and awareness


Wellness Investment:

$155 – 90 minutes


To schedule a session, you can call me at 262-327-0480 or fill out the form on the contact page.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing. If you plan to get bodywork please bring shorts and a tank top or sports bra.

Thank you for honoring and respecting my 24 hour cancellation policy.